1. Thank You
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Thank You

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Exec Producer-Rona Rawls
Co Producer-Kinard Cherry
Keyboards- Mike Pryor
Additional BGVs- Troy Sol Edler


Thank you

Feels so good to be alive
To feel such joy on the inside
And if this time is all i have
I’ll make the most i’ll make it grand
I am filled with happiness
I’m so amazed that i am blessed
I’m grateful for this very day
To speak my truth
And proudly say

Thank you for my life
Grateful for my time
Created to shine shine shine
Thank you for my life

Won’t focus on what i ain't got
‘Cause what i haves more than enough
I'm in the place i’m ‘sposed to be
A peaceful space where i am free
And there are times when i am stressed (ahhhhh)
It's part of life (ahhhh)
Part of the lesson (part of the lesson)
I choose to love the me i am (ahhhhh)
Flaws and all (ahhhhh)
i’m still here standing saying thank you


Not gonna spend (spend my life)

Worrying ‘bout what I can't change ( I can't change)
Not gonna sit idly by (idly by)
Watching others live out their dreams (out their dreams)
Making the most of my life (of my life)
And all the joy that it brings (that it brings)
No matter how, how hard it may seem