1. Selfish
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The mirror told me
To leave you alone
To go on home
This aint what you want
But i didn't listen
Didn't pay no attention
No it outta my hand
You're so damn selfish

You're selfish
And you can’t help it
All you think about is you
I cant believe that your
So selfish
And you can’t help it
And it's my fault for loving you

I know i should get out
But i just don’t know how
We built so much together
Through sunshine and stormy weather
I lost track of time
Somewhere i lost my mind
And all sense of myself

Justifying don’t help
All the focus on you
And what you wanna do
I’m growing resentment
Inside i’m conflicted
I let it get this far
Wanted to be where you are
At the risk of my own happiness
So damn selfish


Ooo la la
La la oo la la ooo
Ooo ooo
OooLa la La la oo la la oo
Oooooo x2
(ya gotta compromise)
(or maybe it’s time)
(for me to start thinking ‘bout me)
(loves a two way street, reciprocity)
(Give and take) Give and take
(Is what makes) Is what makes
Love so sweet