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Sha na na
Sha na na
Sha na na na na na na na x2

I was young and dumb
Footloose and fancy free
Then here you come
Steppin’ on to my scene
With a voice so deep
Felt like he struck oil out my bones (out my bones)
He stared at me
Felt like he was gazing into my soul

He asked to dance
I took a chance
In my starry haze
At second glance
A lions task is sizing up his prey
We tangoed we boogalooed
We electric slide
His strong touch
Made my heart skip three beats at a time
Let’s spend the night
I’ll change your life i’ll make
your dreams come true
(Dreams come true)
You down to ride

Just come with me that’s all you have to do

Spend the night with me
Silver took me to ecstasy
His name is silver
He said spend the night with me
Silver silver
Took me to ecstasy

So if you see him run
He’s just looking for fun
He’s got a silver tongue
He’ll love you then he’s done
He’s so cavaliere
So clever debonair
He’ll up and disappear
Like magic in thin air

Spend the night, spend the night
Spend the night with me aw baby