1. Let's Fly
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Let's Fly

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Exec Producer-Rona Rawls
Co Producer-Kinard Cherry
Keyboards- Pete Chatmon
Additional BGVs- Troy Sol Edler


Let’s fly

Starting not to give a damn, now I know just who I am
I’m a motherfucking supernova
Thinking of a master plan, catching stardust in my hand
Trying not to knock you over
On a mission on a quest, gonna do my very best
To win you over
Getting hot making you sweat, place your money place your bets
You’re gonna wanna be my lover

T minus three two one
Blasting off towards the sun
Come with me let’s have some fun tonight

Let’s fly

Wish upon a shooting star, leaving earth headed to mars
Full steam ahead
It’s too late we can’t slow down, faster than the speed of sound
I’ll take you there
Cool your engines you gon’ melt, almost to Orion’s Belt
But don’t stop
Rest a while on Saturn’s rings, find your rhythm find your swing
And take it from the top

Going into the. Unknown
Soaring past the safety zone
Ain’t nobody going home tonight


Hot damn we got lift off, we cruising real real nice
Won’t be no crash landing, know how to steer it right
Slide up to Venus, head over to mars
They’ll be no going back, ‘cause we gone so far
Jump on the moon beams, good lord here we come
Getting hotter, hotter than the sun
You see the rocket is smooth, the engine is tough
C’mon let's fly, I can’t get enough come with me baby