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I Can't Imagine

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I can’t imagine

You wake me up with the sun
How can I say thank you
For every heartbeat, breathe in my lungs
I am so grateful
You give me peace even in times
That I am doubtful
You’re always on time, your love’s Divine
And that’s why I can’t imagine

I cant imagine my life without you
My world just don’t turn

When I wanna fight, you said the battle is not yours
When I wanna cry, you turned my tears into pure joy
you order my steps lord
Through hills and valleys I rejoice
I start her today, giving you praise and lifting my voice

I can’t imagine my life
You made the sacrifice
You give me peace of mind
To keep my eyes on the prize
A roof over my head
A song to keep my soul fed
So many blessing I see
Protect my friends and family
Gave me the moon and the stars
You comfort me in your arms
There ain’t no way to repay ya
I just wanna say thank ya
I just wanna say thank ya