1. Hieroglyphs
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ooo we’re playing your game babe
You know exactly what to do to keep me going crazy

ooo you handle me so well
you drink up every drop of me like I’m the holy grail

Pre Chorus
you changed my name you changed the script you told your story on my walls like Hieroglyphs
you changed the game ain’t that a trip
now I’m a genie in a bottle grant your wish
and watch it come true, oh you
keep loving me right loving me right loving me right

keep on loving me right
keep on loving me right
keep on loving me right
keep on loving me right

every curve every line
every inch of my body stays on your mind
you study me you know my moves
you’re the master teacher knowledge of my schools
And when you come inside you’ve got me open wide
the way you love me defies all logic space and time
no matter what we do no matter what we say
the greatest story Ever told is the love we make