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Hey There Child

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Exec Producer-Rona Rawls
Co Producer-Kinard Cherry
Keyboards- Tony Ndigo Rose
Additional BGVs- Verona Williams


Hey There Child

Whatcha gonna do now that you're of age
Cause times a wastin’
It's time to write the next chapter the next page
And it's your pen, They'll be no erasing
They’ll be nobody to hold your hand, if you stumble or stand
Are you strong enough to make it on your own away from home

Hey There Child you're all grown up now
Hope You make it Someway Somehow, Somehow

Now Mama always told ya you could be anything
And for the most part that’s true
But what she didn’t tell you
The worlds got invisible strings
Trying to keep a hold on you
Nothing in life worth having is easy
Nothing in life is free
Gotta be strong and focused on your goals
and live your dreams

Hey there child you're all grown up now
Hope you make it someway somehow, somehow

You’ve just got to rise
and take your place
Rise don’t you be afraid
Rise Rise