1. Come Love
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Come Love

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Come Love

This is a love check 1,2,1,2
This is a Love Check 1,2 just checking for love…

soul symphony
my heart sings
the melody
when you
come through the door
how can it be
someone I dreamed is here
but not, a dream anymore

to good to be true
to true to be good
or am I sabotaging
I deserve someone special
someone like you
putting down my guard to
let your love come through


Make me believe
right now I can’t
‘cause i’ve been
hurt in the past
I can’t conceive
someone that i want
wants me back
are we gonna last?
time will tell
Or until we tell time to stop
Check ya Clock
I’m saying what the Hell
Have I really Got, what have I got to lose?


you whisper
Have no fear I'll be right here
You are the one
And I’m not going anywhere
Just When I gave up on Love you came in
Right on Time